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The Eight Pillars of Happiness

Our research of happiness has lead us to one major revelation about happiness: Happiness is a practice

It's active. It's something we each have to choose to implement in our lives each and every day. The good news? We're in control of our own happiness. The better news? We've found eight traits, that when practiced regularly enable happiness in our lives and in the lives of those around us. 

We call these eight traits The Eight Pillars of Happiness. The best part about learning and practicing these eight pillars is that they can and will literally change your world. 



The Eight Pillars of Happiness contain a lot of simple, human truths that need to be explored, accepted and shared. Only when we start practicing to be better in these areas will we truly find and enable happiness in our world. 



You must be confident in your self worth. You must accept and appreciate the amazingness of humanity to accept and live the amazingness of you. 


Happiness is unique to your personality and purpose. It requires owning your story and living it each and every day. Everything that you've lived through has gotten you to this moment, right here right now. Your story is your superpower. 


Happiness requires looking for the good in every situation. It doesn't mean everything is always rose-colored and wonderful, but it appreciates the goodness in every situation because every situation is an experience that is making you, you. And sometimes to find the good, we have to be the good. 


You need compassion toward yourself and others. We are all in this together, whether we appreciate it or not. We can only grow and thrive and succeed together. My success is connected to yours and vice versa. We are connected to all living things. And that is beautiful and amazing and something we need to remember to put into action. 


Let what motivates you drive your actions. Understand how your joy, your story and your motivations can work together to help you truly live out your purpose. Whether that purpose is helping others, creating beauty, raising humans or enabling happiness, own it. Live it. Love it.


Appreciate the good and your awareness of good grows. Our dominant world view seems to be one of scarcity these days, but the reality is we have so much goodness all around us that we don't actually need to be fighting one another for more. We just need to look around and appreciate the abundance we are surrounded by–family, friends, purpose, laughter, love, hope, shelter, respect, truth, light, food, music, art, beauty, nature, water, air. All of it is ours to appreciate and enjoy. 


Learn to control your emotions and you can control your journey. Emotional control isn't easy, especially in a mindset of scarcity. We need to practice harnessing our emotions for positive outcomes instead of negative. We need to better understand our triggers so that we can better appreciate our responses. 


Stay open to new opportunities for joy and happiness. The world is for exploring and learning and growing and loving. We are the only living beings capable of the type of exploration that leads to happiness. Who we were yesterday does not hinder who we can be tomorrow, if we practice staying curious about the world around us and our place in it. 


To get ideas for practicing The Eight Pillars of Happiness, visit our Blog: Happy Thoughts. For products specifically designed to enable happiness in your world, visit our Happy Store