Happy Thoughts

  • Happiness Enabler: Catching Up with Friends

    Humans feed off of relationships. They fuel our energy–inspiring confidence, empowering authenticity, instilling optimism and purpose. Relationships push us beyond ourselves, into a world of curiosity, of hope, of possibility.
  • Happiness Enabler: A Messy Kitchen

    Change enables happiness. A change of scenery. A change in routine. A change of heart. A change in toilet paper brand. A change in activity. Even the smallest of changes is enough to jumpstart us out of complacency.

  • Happiness Enabler: Talking Banana Paintings

    Happiness is a skill that requires attention, practice and intent. To truly have a happy new year, we all need to work on the mindsets that will help us reach our happy goals.
  • Happiness Enabler: Impact

    It’s human nature to want to have an impact, to make a difference and know that our presence is valued. I’m here today to tell you that we’ve made an impact together with Project More Happy. 
  • Happiness Enabler: Defining Purpose

    Life happens in the ordinary moments and spaces we live in everyday. Life happens in the upstairs hallway before bedtime and at the back door when we leave to embark on the day ahead. For resolutions to be effective, they need to be woven into the very fabric of those ordinary places.
  • Happiness Enabler: Authenticity

    Embrace your voice and share it with your world. And forget how other people may or may not react to your authenticity.
  • Happiness Enabler: Goodwill

    Peace on Earth doesn’t need to feel like some unreachable idealistic dream because each of us individually can do our part to create peace. And we can do it through goodwill and compassion.

  • Happiness Enabler: Happy Pups

    Happy pups catching tasty snacks. Such a simple series with such big happiness-enabling capabilities.
  • Happiness Enabler: My Life in Song

    I used to dream of my life as a musical. I would react to everything – the good and the bad – through song. I think the melodies would ultimately make everything feel brighter and lighter. I want that dream to be real.
  • Happiness Enabler: Knowing it’s Enough

    Knowing how much is enough isn’t difficult. If we’re living safely and comfortably, then we’ve got enough to be happy. All that extra stuff is nice, sure. But it isn’t a must.
  • Happiness Enabler: Time Management

    Time management plays into priorities. And prioritizing activities and experiences that enable happiness, well, enables happiness. 

  • Happiness Enabler: That One Thing

    When we plan our moments and experiences around those things we know we love, we are enabling happiness to come into our lives time and time again.