Happiness Enabler: Happiness

Pursuing happiness gets a bad wrap. It's often seen as a trivial pursuits (HA!) that is selfish and only for those with the time, energy and resources to waste on it. But how can that be? Why would our founding fathers guarantee us the right to pursue our own happiness if it's so trivial. 

Spoiler alert – Happiness is super important to a healthy, productive society. 

Okay, but why? Well, that's been the study of A LOT of research lately. 

Happiness is good for us personally. 

Happier people are more productive. 
Happier people make more money.
Happier people are healthier.
Happier people live longer.
Happier people have stronger relationships.
Happier people give more to others.
Happier people are more resilient. 
Happier people are better for society. 

Happiness is good for business. 

Happier customers spend more.
Happier customers are more loyal.
Happier customers advocate for the business.
Happier employees are more productive.
Happier employees are sick less often.
Happier employees are more loyal. 
Happier businesses are better for society. 

Happiness is good for Society. 

Happiness leads to community. 
Happiness leads to economic stablity. 
Happiness leads to innovation.
Happiness benefits everyone.

There is no downside to increasing happiness. On top of that, there's enough happiness to go around. Everyone can be happy, and no one can take your happiness from you. We should all be training ourselves to be happier people and to build happier businesses. 

Happiness is so important that our founding fathers guaranteed us the right to pursue it. So let's do that. Let's pursue more happiness, together.