Happiness Enabler: The Weather

Falling snow.
Rolling thunder.
Summer sunshine.
Morning fog.

Weather changes every second, enabling happiness every second. Really.

When its sunny, a world of possibilities opens up to us. We could hike, go for a stroll, explore our neighborhood, cycle downtown. 

When its snowing, another world opens up. This time, we get fireplaces and hot cocoa and knot everything. 

Morning fog peaks curiosity and sets our imaginations on fire. Rolling thunder makes us sit in awe at the power and beauty of the world beyond our control. 

Weather enables happiness. You might not like rain, but I guarantee you like some benefits of a good rain shower. You like green grass and flowering trees. Or seeing kids splashing in rain boots makes you smile. Or, like me, the sound of rain itself soothes your soul. 

The best thing about this happiness enabler? It never stops. There’s always weather happening which means there’s always opportunities for happiness.

Observe it. Spend a few minutes every day appreciating whatever the weather is and all that allows. Find a cozy window or step outside and just take it all in. Not only will this allow you to hone in on your authentic self, but it provided opportunities to practice gratitude and optimism.

Interact with it. Experience it. Go outside. Don’t just watch, but interact with it. If it’s sunny, go play in the sun. If it’s raining, step outside for 30 seconds and feel the rain; really feel it. If it’s snowing, go catch snowflakes on your tongue or make a snow angel. Interacting with the weather around you let’s you really see how your actions affect your world. 

Understand it. Not in a science way, no. But taking a few minutes to really understand how weather affects you personally is important. How does it make you feel? What does it make you crave? Does it change your mood? Understanding how our world affects us gives us the power to better design our happiness.

I love the rain. I especially love cold rain. When it hits my body, I’m reminded that I’m alive. Cold rain lets me better appreciate that I’m alive. That’s beyond powerful.

The next time you get annoyed at having to scrape your windshields or mow the lawn or any other minor annoyance you have with nature, stop and think about all the wonderful things that had to happen in your world to give you this moment. Let weather enable your happiness instead of destroy it.