The Science Behind the Happy Shirts

At Project More Happy, we use the science of happiness to create products, content and experiences that enable happiness in the world. Our shirts are by far our most popular items, so we wanted to share the science behind the happy shirts. Enjoy!

The Science of Bright Color

Despite the predominant Western notion that neutral is better, brighter, highly-saturated colors are actually better for our moods. The brighter the colors, the more stimulation for our minds, making our brains more active and mindful of the present experience. 

Color saturation (it’s pureness) and color brightness (it’s lightness) contribute to a color’s energy. Higher-saturated and brighter colors are more energizing to look at. And more energizing colors are more stimulating, grabbing our attention and activating our brain.

We’ve chosen bold, bright colors for our line of happy shirts because science tells us that these colors have a greater impact on our energy and mood. They are colors that most trigger positivity and happiness in the world. 

The Science of Uplifting Words

The messages on our shirts stem from our acute understanding of The Eight Pillars of Happiness. Happiness is both personal and communal, so we focused on messages that would enable happiness in both situations. Our messaging primarily stems from the Happiness Pillars of compassion, confidence and optimism.


Reminding ourselves and others that we are all human, we are all connected and we are all in this together is a show of compassion. As is understanding that although we might not all have the same shared experiences, we are still all worthy of love and compassion. To be happy, we must foster compassion toward ourselves and the world around us. 


To be truly happy, we must be confident in our self worth. This is so important in terms of both personal and communal happiness–accepting that all humans, including ourselves, are deserving of happiness. The messaging on our happy shirts looks to remind everyone that they are important, worthy and loved.


Happiness requires looking for the good in every situation. It’s about making good our default. We need to see the best in ourselves, the best in others and the best in the world around us. It isn’t about ignoring the bad–the challenges–but instead about focusing on finding the good so that we can successfully get through those times. Science shows that optimistic people are happier, healthier and more productive. Our shirts aim to enable that optimistic outlook.

The Science of Spreading Happiness

The goal of Project More Happy is to enable happiness in the world. That goal very much lives in our line of happy shirts. These shirts are designed to spread happiness to anyone who reads them, increasing the impact of the initial happiness exponentially.

Think about it. You wake up in the morning and put on a happy shirt. When getting ready, you read the shirt to yourself in the mirror and are reminded that yes, you, too, deserve happiness. You sit down to breakfast with your family, your shirt reminding each of them that they too are worthy of happiness. You go to work where the message spreads more and more. Pretty soon, and in just one day, you’ve positively impacted the people in your immediate world.

Not only that, but science tells us that happiness and positivity is contagious. Each person that was impacted by the shirt is now carrying that positivity forward in both big and small ways.

That’s how we add more happiness into the world–through small acts that enable happiness in our immediate worlds.