Happiness Enabler: Snail Mail

I love getting mail. I love when friends send postcards from their travels. I love birthday mail. I love the holidays when everyone sends pictures of their beautiful families. I love mail. 

I love the happiness of it. Most of the time, if we're going to send something to someone, it comes from a happy place. A joyous place. A place we can't wait to share with others. Rarely do we take the time to sit down and handwrite a hateful note.

Oddly enough, I'm terrible at sending mail. I buy cards to send ALL. THE. TIME. I have drawers and drawers of cards I mean to send. I'm fairly good at remembering to send birthday cards to family, but beyond that...

There is one occasion my husband and I always use to send mail, and that's on trips. Wherever we are, we buy a stack of souvenir postcards and start writing friends and family back home. They aren't long notes (they can't be since they're postcards) but we always spend some time personalizing each note about the trip – something we stumbled upon that reminded us of them, a cafe we found playing music they love or just a quick hello. No matter the note itself, the gesture is our simple way of reminding people that we care about them. 

At Project More Happy we believe that every action should act as a catalyst to happiness. And research shows time and again that giving leads to happiness.

Give happiness = get happiness.

We encourage you to send a note to someone every day to spread the happy. It can be a quick note to your partner, a lunchbox post-it for your kid, a handwritten thank you to a coworker, a postcard to an old friend. It doesn't have to take more than five minutes and it will increase both their happy and yours. 

I do love me some snail mail. 

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