Happiness Enabler: Reflection

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a few minutes to spare. Thank you for spending them with me. But I’m going to ask you to please spend them with yourself today.

Self-reflection is vital to our happiness and we seem to never make the time to stop and reflect on our lives. Let’s take a few moments and do that.

What’s working right now and what’s not?

What is bringing you joy and what is draining your energy?

Who brings out the best in you and what brings out the worst?

If you could be doing anything right this very second, what would you be doing? And more importantly, what’s stopping you from doing it?

It’s important for us to have this conversation with ourselves daily because this conversation is the one that serves as the compass to our happiness. These answers should be guiding your priorities.

When we neglect self-reflection, we don’t allow ourselves the service of learning from experience. We’re keeping ourselves from being authentically happy, from allowing our sense of purpose to drive our journey.

Reflect. Take some time everyday to teach yourself what happiness means to you in that exact moment of life. And remember to listen to your answers.

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