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Happy Thoughts

Your Happiness Enablers

My husband, kids, job, dog, commute, house don’t make me happy. And yet here I am, happy as can be. How is that possible?
Your Happiness Enablers

My husband doesn’t make me happy.
Neither do my kids.
Or my work.
The music I listen to doesn’t make me happy.
Nor does the piece of chocolate I sneak every evening after dinner.
None of it makes me happy.

And yet here I am, happy as can be. How is that possible?

It’s possible because my husband and our beautiful babies and my work and music and chocolate do something even better – they enable my happiness.

You see, happiness is personal and the only path to happiness is the choice you make to be happy and then the actions you takes to live it.

I believe that the path to happiness lay in the eight pillars of happy – confidence, authenticity, optimism, compassion, purpose, gratitude, curiosity and control. In order to live a happy life, I must practice these skills regularly.

That can be a lot to take on, especially with the added demands of marriage and kids and work and everything else fighting for our time and attention. But happiness is important so we decide to surround ourselves with happiness enablers – the people and things that enable us to practice the happy pillars.

My husband helps me be confident and authentic. He pushes me to be more optimistic and curious. My babies enable so much compassion and curiosity and purpose and gratitude. And they give me many opportunities to practice control – HA! My work enables purpose and compassion and curiosity and gratitude. Music and chocolate and nature and travel and everything else that brings me joy helps me hone these different happiness skills.

So no, these people and things don’t make me happy. Instead they enable me to choose and live happiness each and every day.

They are my happiness enablers and I cannot thank them enough.