Mission: Happiness

This journey started when we saw a need to address the underlying issues around some of the biggest challenges in the modern world – gun violence, depression and loneliness, poor education, and inequality.

There is a theme to all of these issues, and we believe it is the inflated notion of what happiness is and our inability to reach that happiness. We’re lonely, angry, sad and frustrated a great deal of our lives because we believe that happiness is always just outside our reach.

But that isn’t true, despite what politicians tell us and what marketers tell us and what we’ve been trained to tell ourselves. It isn’t true.

We are all equipped with the tools to live happy lives. We just have to understand what our happiness is and then work to live it. It’s about personalizing our happiness and then creating a world that fosters it.

When I’ve gone through rough patches in my life, I’ve always turned to art. I’ve turned to writing and painting and sketching and making. I’ve always used creative expression as an outlet for my anxieties. I’ve used it to battle depression. I’ve used it to work through anger and hate. I’ve always turned to art.

And it turns out, I turned to creative expression because creativity physically alters the chemicals in our brains, changing our mindsets and perspectives. Making makes us feel more confident and more successful and well, happier.

Project More Happy’s mission is to add more happy into the world. We're going to do that through creative expression, education and community.

We’re on a mission to add more happy. Please join us.

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