Happiness Enabler: My Life in Song

Waiting to board my flight back home after a business trip to Chicago, I hear pure happiness.

Behind me was a young girl waiting with her family and joyously singing, “Our plane is here, our plane is here. Did you know our plane is here?”

My coworker and I smiled and commented out loud about two things:

1) How excited we were to be headed home to see our beautiful babies and
2) How wonderful it would be to share that little girl’s enthusiasm about our plane’s arrival.

At what point do we stop praising the planes that take us back home to our families? When do we lose the joy associated with all the wonderful things that enable happiness in our lives?

I used to dream of my life as a musical. I would react to everything – the good and the bad – through song. I think the melodies would ultimately make everything feel brighter and lighter.

But how would I even script my musical? Well, I think it’d all stem from those eight pillars of happiness. Specifically, my life would need to be built on optimism, purpose and emotional control.

Optimism would be the driving force because honestly, no one would bust out into song and dance when feeling negative and overwhelmed. Purpose would determine the overall storyline and help plot the mood of the different musical numbers.

And emotional control – harnessing my emotions for good is really the only way a musical could ever happen. When not in control, we tend to snap when things don’t go our way. Snapping doesn’t make for uplifting musical numbers about life. The opposite is also true – bottling emotions up and neglecting their very existence would be detrimental to a musical’s success.

Long story short, for “Jessica, the Musical” to exist, I need to really practice and hone the skills required to enable happiness in my every day routines.

I need to be like that little girl joyously singing about our plane’s arrival at the airport.

“Our plane is here, our plane is here. Did you know our plane is here?”