Happiness Enabler: Imperfection

Nothing is perfect. 

Embrace the imperfection. See the possibilities and freedom and optimism that exists in the imperfect. Innovation exists in imperfection. Humor lives there. Awe is there, as is hope and joy and, perhaps most importantly, power. Power exists in imperfection. 

Possibilities and freedom are empowering. When there is room for improvement (which there ALWAYS is), there is power. Power to create better solutions. Power to create happier experiences. Power to create hope. 

My business is imperfect and will always be imperfect. I find comfort in that. I find comfort because accepting that I need to constantly improve this business means that I am on a constant quest to serve you better. I will forever be looking for new ways to add happy to our world. I will forever be making happy, sharing happy and helping design a world with more happy.

After a hundred conversations about Project Design Happy, I've decided to shift from providing business strategy that delivers consumer happiness to empowering people and businesses to design happier experiences for themselves. 

Everyone has heard that happiness is a choice. What I've come to realize is that we really aren't given the appropriate tools to make that choice. 

I want to fix that. I want to put my energy toward teaching that skillset and providing you the tools you need to design happiness on your own terms. I want to empower you to choose your happiness instead of accepting society's version of it. 

I want to empower you to design happier businesses. 
Design happier morning routines. 
Design happier family dinners.
Design happier vacations. 
Happier weddings. 
Happier commutes.
Happier restaurants and storefronts and places of businesses. 
Design happier fundraising efforts and happier philanthropic experiences.
I want to empower you to design happier lives. 

I'm excited. I'm energized. And I'm happy that the hundreds of conversations I've had led me here. Thank you for joining me on this journey toward more happy. 

Thank you.