Happiness Enabler: That One Thing

My son likes trains. Scratch that. My son is OBSESSED with trains. At only three-years-old, he not only knows what makes him happy, but makes everything about that happiness. 

We recently took a trip to El Paso to visit family. Here’s my son’s take on the adventure - 

We took a plane to another airport where we got to ride a train to our next flight. 

There was a wonderfully amazing holiday train display in the terminal to greet us upon arrival in El Paso. 

We spotted Granddad and promptly asked whether his trains were out and ready to be played with.

On the drive to Grammy and Granddad’s, we passed a rail yard with a lot of trains. They weren’t moving though. 

Granddad has trains! Some in a display case to look at and a whole slew of trains and tracks to play with. This is going to be great!

My parents pried me from playing with trains the next day, which was not cool. Well, it wasn’t cool until they drove me to a railroad museum where I got to play with – you guessed it – TRAINS. 

I think you get the picture here. He loved hanging with his grandparents. He enjoyed the flights and liked playing in the desert sunshine and mountains. But really, the trip was all about trains in his book. And that’s awesome. 

What’s your train-like obsession? What’s that one thing that brings you joy just thinking about it? 

When we plan our moments and experiences around those things we know we love, we are enabling happiness to come into our lives time and time again. 

I like words. Therefore I plan moments every day focused on words. I write before anyone else gets into the office in the morning. I read before bed. I study printing and even own a letterpress. Words enable my happiness, so I make words a priority. 

Make time for what you love, and you’re enabling happiness in your life. Most days it really is that simple.

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