Happiness Enabler: Sprinkles

My son and I made cookies last week. At only three, he loves the messiness of baking so always offers to “help” in the kitchen.

After surveying the pantry for ingredients, I decided on chocolate chip cookies. I pulled out our trusty Betty Crocker cookbook, about seven sticks of butter and a bag of chocolate chips.

And then….




Chocolate chips cookies were a no-go in T’s tear-filled eyes. He wanted sprinkles. And really, who could blame him?

Back to the pantry I went, hoping by some magical unicorn power we had sprinkles. Because who in their right mind would choose plain chocolate chip cookies over the far superior and much more colorful chocolate chip SPRINKLE cookies.

Well, thank goodness we had a stash of sprinkles. Not only did the screaming end, but my little helper got to shake the sprinkle container to his heart’s content until there was enough color in the batter.

I would argue that sprinkles, from a flavor perspective are completely worthless. But visually? The rainbow colors transform cookies into something magical.

The cookies were not only delicious, but they were playful too. And play enables happy.

A simple tip for this happiness enabler - just add sprinkles.

Really, the next time you’re baking something tasty, grab the colorful container and start shaking those sprinkles out. I’ve never heard anyone regret adding some sprinkles.


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