Happiness Enabler: Morning Dance Party

I am not a dancer.
I am not coordinated. I am not graceful.
No, I am the person at the wedding sitting on the periphery of the dance floor.
I am the person who mysteriously disappears every time club music turns on.
I am not a dancer.

But then, kids.

My kids enable my happiness in a million different ways. One of them is through our morning dance parties. My kids love my uncoordinated dance moves and honestly, they’re both about as graceful as I am. And I love it.

This morning we cranked the toddler hit “Baby Shark” and bounced around the living room laughing. As I poured my love into terrible dance moves in a way only a mom could, I once again found myself smiling. And laughing. And not wanting baby shark, momma shark and daddy shark to ever stop doo-dooing.

It’s on the living room dance floor where judgement and self-doubt take a back seat to exuberance and playfulness. It’s these brief moments where confidence comes from love and awareness from admiration.

Not only do my kids LOVE my terrible moves, they love them so much that they mimic them. When I turn into a dancing penguin, the uncoordinated penguin waddle sweeps our living room by storm. And that penguin waddle enables happy for all.

How can we replicate the morning dance party elsewhere? How can we create situations at work and in the community that are rooted in love and admiration instead of plagued with judgement and self-doubt?

I am not a dancer.
I am not coordinated. I am not graceful.
But I will keep dancing in my living room.
I will keep doo-dooing with my baby sharks until they realize how uncoordinated I truly am.
And I will love every second of it.

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