Happiness Enabler: Laughter

This may seem pretty common sense. And yet, how many minutes a day do you spend laughing? Like really laughing?

Kids laugh all the time. They laugh at their parents. They laugh at themselves. They laugh at things I’m pretty sure don’t actually exist in our world. Point is, they laugh. A LOT.

As adults, we feign laughter when a coworker tells a corny joke. Or maybe when a sitcom writer really nails a pun. But we don’t actively go out of our way looking for laughter.

I think we should. I think we should all be on a mission to laugh ten times a day for ten separate reasons. We should laugh at our clumsiness when we spill coffee. We should laugh when we accidentally sit through five minutes of the wrong meeting.

We should laugh at mistakes and we should laugh when we experience joy.

I once read that laughter is when you’re so incredibly happy your body can no longer hold the joy in. I like that. I want that. ALL THE TIME.

Yes, laughter is a product of happiness but it is also an enabler. Studies show that laughing can reduce stress, boost our mood, improve our immune system and relieve pain. And when we’re feeling joyous, healthy and stress-free, we’re happier. Yay!

So, how do we authentically add moments that enable laughter throughout or day?

Look for the humor in situations. Find humor in chaos. It’s there, hiding in plain sight. I promise.

Let it out. I have a sneaking suspicion that we hold laughter in a lot of the time. Next time you feel the slightest urge to laugh, let it out. Be loud and proud when it comes to the joy you feel.

Keep it real. Jokes force laughter, but honest, good for your soul laughter is natural. Look for the authentic punchline that lives when expectation and reality don’t match up.