Happiness Enabler: Hope

I’m going to talk football here. Specifically, Chiefs football.

You see, I’m a born and raised Chiefs fan. I grew up a Chiefs fan. As I’ve moved around the country, I’ve always remained a Chiefs fan. I will die a Chiefs fan.

Now, being a Chiefs fan isn’t easy. Unlike some teams, we’re not really known for postseason awesomeness. In fact, up until last week we were pretty much known as a postseason dud. Every killer season we had ended in postseason disappointment. Broken hearts and dashed playoff runs were as much an Arrowhead tradition as tailgating and flyovers.

Until Mahomes.

Our always cool and collected, straight out of college quarterback came in and upended decades of Chiefs tradition. He led this team with optimism, resilience and hope.

And yes, we ultimately fell one game short of the big game but that doesn’t diminish our collective optimism. No, we’ll write that game off to Tom Brady being Tom Brady. It had nothing to do with Mahomes, Arrowhead or the Kansas City Chiefs (okay, maybe a little to do with the non-existant Chiefs defense).

So let’s talk about the power of the happiness pillar of optimism. When we are able to flip our mindset from “it’ll never happen” to “this is doable,” amazing things start happening. We start focusing on all the awesomeness unfolding around us. We start seeing greatness we’ve never noticed. And we start believing our heart over our head.

When we can flip our perspective, hope prevails. Practice flipping your mindset this week, shifting from anxiety and fear to confidence and opportunity. Pick up Lessons in Happiness: Flip It to practice finding the optimism in everyday scenarios.

Mahomes brought optimism to the Kansas City Chiefs. And for the first time in a long time, I 100% believe myself when I say that next year is going to be our year.

I’m a truly happy Chiefs fan.