Happiness Enabler: Happy Pups

To enable happiness with a dog doesn’t take much. Some neighborhood walks. A cozy sleeping spot. And snacks. Lots of tasty, bite-sized snacks.

Photographer Christian Vieler captures that moment right before a pup’s peak snacking happiness in a hilariously real series of photographs. And the best part of his work? The photographs easily enable happiness for everyone who views them. So, happy viewing!

View Happy Pups Catching Tasty Snacks

But why are these pictures so easy to love? Well, they hit on some very key pillars of happiness – authenticity, curiosity and optimism.

They show each pup’s true self, slobber and all. This authenticity reminds us how perfectly imperfect the world around us is.

They peak our curiosity. What would my dog’s photo look like? Heck, what do I look like right before indulging in a state of pure happiness?

They evoke optimism. I believe with almost 100% certainty that each of these dogs, mere moments later, experienced happiness.

Happy pups catching tasty snacks. Such a simple series with such big happiness-enabling capabilities.

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