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Happy Thoughts

Talking Banana Paintings

Happiness is a skill that requires attention, practice and intent. To truly have a happy new year, we all need to work on the mindsets that will help us reach our happy goals.
Talking Banana Paintings

I’m not a big New Year’s resolution type of gal and never have been. I wish I were, it’s just not something I ever seem to stick with. Also, I find resolutions to be limiting more than inspiring.

I’m a goal person. I like having a vision of my future and working toward it. The vision provides a framework for me to work toward without setting a rigid to-do list to follow each and every day. I like having the option to go about accomplishing things a myriad of ways, so like the openness of goals.

Hence our New Year’s Eve project. In case you missed that one, you can read about it here.

Aspiring to be intentional about my mindset at home will hopefully help me better pursue the vision I have for me and my family. And for Project More Happy. Also, since these mindsets are literally hanging on the walls of our home, there’s an extra added layer of accountability which is good. We can’t do it all on our own, so having a team working toward goals is awesome. And inspiring.

Without further ado, House Lyonford’s 2019 Mindsets:

In the kitchen hangs a banana talking to a pink donut. The goal with let’s talk is to remind the family to talk, share, listen and learn together during meals. It’s about sharing our favorite stories with our favorite people. Oh, and we love pink donuts so it’s about that too.

In the family room hangs a map with explore scattered across the desert. This exploration mindset should inspire curiosity during play and newness in routine. We want to make sure we are constantly exploring the world around us, even if that world is merely a lego set on a play table.

Breathe hangs at the top of the stairwell that leads to the upstairs bedrooms. Right now this is my favorite because everything I pass it I stop and take a calming deep breath. And deep breathing is powerful – it can reduce anxiety, bring you into the present moment through mindfulness and even hep you remember to respond the specific stressors. In the simplest of terms, that deep breath keeps me grounded and grounded is good.

And lastly, the artwork that hangs in the master bedroom. We were initially going to hang a piece in the entryway but decided we really needed to focus some of our 2019 energy into us. 2018 went to the kids and work and the house and a million other things. 2019 needs to go to Eric and I, at least a little.

So we have a mindset piece above our bed that reads, “This is our House.” This piece is about pride in the House we are building together, in the people we are raising together, in the dreams we are building together.

These four mindset intention s cover a lot of ground in terms of happiness. Of the eight pillars of happiness we’re hitting Confidence (Our House), Curiosity (Explore), Compassion (Let’s Talk), Gratitude (Let’s Talk), Purpose (Our House) and Control (Breathe). We are being intentional about adding more happy into our 2019.

How will you intentionally focus on your happiness this year? Happy takes confidence, authenticity, optimism, compassion, purpose, gratitude, curiosity and control. What pillars will you focus on in 2019?

Happiness is a skill that requires attention, practice and intent. To truly live up to the New Year salutations and have a happy 2019, we all need to work on the mindsets that will help us reach our happy goals.

Happy New Year. Truly.