Happiness Enabler: Creative Expression

The ability to express yourself creatively gives you the power to not only be, but share the real you with your world. Giving voice to your individual perspectives and dreams leads to happier experiences overall.

“But I’m not creative!” you say.

Wrong. You are absolutely 100% creative. You are human and therefore can create. It’s what makes us human.

You may not be artistic, but you are creative.
You may not be poetic, but you are creative.
You may not be theatric, but you are creative.

Creativity is taking the voice and thoughts and desires and ideas that live inside you and finding a way to let them out. It’s about expressing a voice no one else has access to.

Now, you may feel out of practice and I get that. So here’s how to get started.

Spend a few minutes each day writing. Preferably not angry tweets. But seriously, just write the thoughts in your head. They may not make sense, but they’re yours and they want out.

Design your house banner. This is my favorite. Whether you’re single, newly married or surrounded by a plethora of beautiful babies, this is for you. Write down 20 things you stand for as a person or family – trust, love, hope, adventure, etc. Now choose one or two and create a simple badge that showcases them. Use it as a compass for your house.

Add your touch. Pinterest is awesome for ideas. But we need to stop simply recreating what others have created and instead start actively putting our spin on it. Just because mermaids are trendy (are they?) doesn’t mean they match your personality or needs.

Be you. Listen to your inner voice and find ways to share those thoughts with your world. Write short stories to share around the holidays. Design placemats around family traditions you love. Create new traditions. Embrace what makes you happy and add more of it to your world.

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