Happiness Enabler: Sleep

I’m kind of an expert on the topic of sleep due to a lifelong struggle with insomnia and a more-recent battle with my daughter’s 18-month sleep regression. 

When we lack sleep, we lack emotional control - a skill very much needed for happiness. When we struggle to control our emotions, both internally and externally, our happiness takes a hit. 

Lack of sleep can cause a very destructive and doubting inner dialogue, destroying confidence and making us question our motives. That same inner dialogue can manifest itself outwardly, depleting compassion, gratitude and purpose. 

But one restful night can have a dramatic impact. One restful night can fuel optimism and the hope that things will start to turn around. 

Sleep allows our minds to process all the stimuli from the day. Sleep allows our body to rest and reenergize for tomorrow. Sleep allows our optimism to reset, our dreams to solidify and our souls to renew.

Our bodies need sleep to function at capacity and yet we tend to place sleep relatively low on our priority list. We sacrifice sleep for the million other things we deem important for our success. 

Yet sleep enables happiness and happiness enables success. When we lose sleep, we sabotage our chances for meaningful success. 

Prioritize sleep. A good night’s sleep is a type of self-care, and we need to prioritize it as such. It’s as important as the food we eat and the exercise we get. Sleep helps our body function. 

Stick to a routine. The easiest way to get more sleep is to create a routine that enables healthy sleeping habits. If you’re constantly tired yet refuse to set a concrete bedtime for yourself you aren’t making sleep a priority. Set a time and build a routine around it.

Celebrate sleep. When you get a full nights sleep, make note of it. Be grateful for it. Celebrate it. Once you being accepting how important sleep is, you’ll shift priorities to better align. 

There’s a saying that you can sleep all you want when you’re dead. That’s false because that’s not sleep. The reality is that we all need sleep to live and we need to prioritize it to allow us to live our best lives.