Happiness Enabler: Defining Purpose

As we head into the new year we tend to go through mental exercises around resolutions and goals. And if you’re anything like me, those resolutions come and go before February hits.

This year, my husband and I are doing things differently. Instead of solo resolutions we’re coming up with mindset goals for our home and our family. Our hope is to sprinkle intent into our daily rituals, encouraging the whole family (and any houseguests) to be more intentional.

Now, we’ve never done this. Also, I just made the whole exercise up when we were trying to come up with New Year’s plans that would be special but not socially exhausting. So yeah, we’ll see how it turns out but here’s the basic plan:

I ordered four 24x36 canvases on Amazon Prime and I’ll do a quick run to the craft store for some neon paints this weekend. I’ll get some super bright, optimistic colors that will both compliment our home and be impactful.

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll work together to come up with a purposeful word or phrase for four specific spaces in the house - the kitchen, the family room, the upstairs hallway and the entry space (which is actually our converted garage but whatever). We’ll then paint a canvas for each of those intended mindsets. At the end of the night - or more likely the next day when they’re dry - we’ll hang them up for all of 2019.

Each day as we live in the spaces, we’ll be reminded to live in them with purpose and intent; to truly live up to our mindset goals for 2019.

And if it does indeed help us be more purposeful, then we’ll choose four more words next New Year’s Eve and do it again.

Life happens in the ordinary moments and spaces we live in everyday. Life happens in the upstairs hallway before bedtime and at the back door when we leave to embark on the day ahead. For resolutions to be effective, they need to be woven into the very fabric of those ordinary places. Or painted brightly on 24x36 canvases and hung there. 

Happy New Year, all. May it be your most joyous year yet.