Depression Sucks

I'm heartbroken.
I'm heartbroken at what feels like constant news of suicide.
I'm heartbroken that new research shows suicide is on the rise in America.

I'm heartbroken knowing how many people out there suffer like I have many times throughout my life. I ache for people who feel as unworthy as I have. Who feel as alone as I have. Who feel it so much they believe, as I have before, that the world wouldn't notice if they were on it.

I'm heartbroken that so many people feel this way.

How is it possible? How can this many of us suffer so badly and yet it still feels so taboo that we can't confront it as a society? Why can't we can't say a collective WTF and start digging into how we stop it? How are we not focused on keeping each other from ever feeling that dark and lonely and unloved and unworthy?

My heart breaks. It breaks for all the pain that was felt by those who took their lives and by all the pain that is felt by those battling depression each and every day. 

I've always dug my way out through creativity and so I will put my energy toward launching making creativity accessible for all in hopes it might help someone else. 

You may feel alone.
You may feel unworthy.
You may feel unnoticed.
You may feel unloved.
You may feel unappreciated.
You may feel unvalued.
You may feel it’s unsurmountable.
You may feel nothing at all.

But please know this –

You are not alone.
You are worthy.
We see you and love you.
We appreciate and value you.
You can get through this.
We can get through this.
You may not feel it, but please know it.
Please know that you are not alone.

Talk to someone if you feel you need help. And if you feel you have no one to talk to, call the suicide prevention hotline any time of the day.