Happiness Enabler: Mindset

I was driving my son to his three-year wellness check-up this morning when we passed a car on the side of the highway. He very confidently proclaimed to me that the car had to stop for ice cream. I laughed at how amazing his thought process is right now. 

My son is amazing. Really. And him being amazing doesn't make any other kid less amazing. In fact, they're all amazing. Everyone is amazing in their own way, but we tend to accept that more readily when it comes to kids. 

Why is it that at a certain age, we start focusing on people's flaws instead of their amazingness? When does it shift to a judgmental mindset of flawed until proven amazing?

We've been told again and again that life is a competition. That there's a limited amount of amazing in the world and we're all fighting for it. If you are amazing, somehow I am not.

Thank goodness that despite being told this repeatedly throughout life, it's not actually how the world works.

My son is amazing. So are his classmates. 
My husband is amazing. So are his coworkers. 
I am amazing. So are you. 

We are all amazing in our own way.

We really should start presuming everyone is amazing. And then if, at some point, they give you some reason to reconsider their amazingness, revaluate it then. But until that time, acknowledge their amazingness. 

You'll be surprised how much happier the world becomes when we start seeing how amazing everything, and everyone, really is.