Happy Thoughts

  • Happiness Over Hair

    A month ago I had shoulder length hair dyed to somewhat match my daughter’s beautiful copper hair. My bad dye job and I were up late watching a ra...
  • The Science Behind the Happy Shirts

    At Project More Happy, we use the science of happiness to create products, content and experiences that enable happiness in the world. Our shirts are by far our most popular items, so we wanted to share the science behind the happy shirts.
  • A Pursuit of Happiness

    We all have gifts to offer the world. We all have things to teach others and things to learn from others. We all have stories that can shape the trajectory of neighborhoods, of cities, of this country for the better. Your pursuit of happiness matters. But it doesn’t matter any more or less than someone else’s.

  • Happiness Enabler: Vision

    The point is that happiness should define success so that you're quest for success ultimately makes you happy. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.
  • Happiness Enabler: Life Smarts

    Life smarts–the intelligence that comes with surviving each day–is more valuable to our future survival than fancy college degrees, high test scores and a coveted c-suite title.

  • Happiness Enabler: Mindset

    We've been told again and again that life is a competition. That there's a limited amount of amazing in the world and we're all fighting for it. If you are amazing, somehow I am not. We've been told wrong.

  • Happiness Enabler: Creative Expression

    Creativity is taking the voice and thoughts and desires and ideas that live inside you and finding a way to let them out. It’s about expressing a voice no one else has access to.

  • Happiness Enabler: Emotional Control

    Emotional control is about finding our way back to what matters. It’s about centering ourselves on what is real and true and important and then reacting to the world from that centered place.

  • Happiness Enabler: Your World

    We are told from birth that we have a right to happiness, that being happy is being normal and that happiness can be bought. We were told wrong. 
  • Happiness Enabler: Embarking on the Journey

    You are solely responsible for your happiness journey. What you put into it is what you get out of it.

  • Happiness Enabler: Lack of Permanence

    When we accept that everything is in flux–when we understand that our current self isn’t our permanent self–we are better able to design a happier life.

  • Happiness Enabler: Hope

    Patrick Mahomes brought optimism to the Kansas City Chiefs. And for the first time in a long time, I 100% believe myself when I say that next year is going to be our year.